Bond, James Bond

m-bahamas1               Photo: Casino Royale (2006)

Bond, James Bond

When I was younger, I admit I was never much of a James Bond fan. I always thought the movies were over hyped, and didn’t understand why people found them interesting. It started when I watched one of the earlier ones with Sean Connery. I could only watch halfway through it, before I switched it off as I found it a tad dull. One minute he was in one country, you blink and he would be somewhere else. I always waited for something to happen, but nothing rarely did. I guess for that time, the movies were pretty amazing, but I could never get into them. That was until 2006 when I went to the cinema with my gran to see Casino Royale. At first I was wary as I remembered my earlier experiences with one of Connery’s films, but from the moment it started, I could tell it was going to be much different. From the opening credits, to the action, and the heartache, at the end I came out and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

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An Audience with Dame Judi Dench

tumblr_ofoieu6hbq1s0xdato1_540                                   Photo Credit: Perou

I know this is an older interview that was published by ‘The Times Magazine’ on September 24 2016, but there is just so many gorgeous pictures of her that were taken by Perou for this article.

The article’s content written by Deborah Ross can be read under the cut, or on ‘The Times’ website.

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Happy 82nd Birthday Dame Judi Dench


“I have ‘Carpe diem’ carved on a piece of stone by my front door. It sounds rather grand, but it’s a very good motto, because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.”

A massive Happy Birthday to Dame Judi Dench, who was born on this day, 9 December 1934.

Judi is simply an inspiration, and someone who I admire greatly. I wish her many more happy years and birthdays to come. She makes the world a more brighter place to live in, with her work in both theatre and film. She truly is an amazing woman, who is treasured by many around the world.



Meet me out on the balcony for a night to remember…

A little imagined piece that sets the scene in chapter 16 of my Royal Change fic.

For this piece I had to manipulate a photo in order to use it for reference, before painting digitally on canvas using mostly Oils, wet acrylic, blenders and a few texture brushes of my own creation.